Weaving kit for beginners

You can prepare more than one work with a single weaving kit. Each kit box contains different kinds of yarns and colors. You can prepare different works with each kit, what you can do is limited only by your imagination.

Weaving Kit Box contents;
* 22 channels weaving frame ( 18cm x 26 cm)
* Ecru Single twist macrame thread 80GR (1 piece)
* 2mm/5mm Single twist macrame thread mixed 3 colors (30GR x 3 pcs)
* Warp thread 80GR 1.5mm thin cotton 1.5mm (1 piece)
* 6mm/8mm Thick Single twist macrame thread (3 colors mixed total 200GR)
* Fancy yarn types are placed in a different group in each package (30GR)
* Ritzz Merino Wool 1 piece (50GR)
* Wool Felt 3 Color mixed package (Total 50GR)
* Weaving Shuttle + Weaving Comb

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Weaving Loom Kit


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